Effective laboratory management

The laboratory information and management system for food and process industries

Master data management

WinLaisy provides a centralized data management, with all relevant information and configuration assessable. This master data management contains amongst others all settings for products, customer, analysis and test plan.

Sample data management

The outstanding effectiv structure of the WinLaisy LIMS sample management guarantees efficiency in your laboratory.  More over does it support your reporting with considerably definable evaluation jobs. These facilitate an overview of all or only specified analysis results. These evalutaion jobs can be saved easily as excel sheets.



WinLaisy contributes your company communication with a web portal. A portal that shares your laboratory results with collegues outside of the laboratory facilities. It proivdes an download portal, reporting and email service.


We provide a laboratory information and management system, created to be compatilbe with the laboratory facilities within the food and process industry.
It is desinged to support your lab efficiently and enables you to operate your laboratory paperless.

WinLaisy offers you all necessary tools for your digital data management in the laboratory. With the powerful sampling and master data tools, you always have a structured overview of all laboratory data.
Thus, all results can be easily checked in detailed, specifiable evaluations.

Why WinLaisy LIMS?

Many laboratory information systems are stuffed with tools that are designed for work beside the laboratory daily routine. This often leads to extensive systems with a complex structure that confuses the user more than it is useful to him. WinLaisy focuses the laboratory and faces the requirements of the laboratory technicians. WinLaisy has been established on the market for years and has been developed to be intuitive to use and not to distract from essential laboratory tasks.
Its main task is the relieving of the technicians and the laboratory. Laboratory devices with interfaces can be connected to WinLaisy and the resulting data are inserted directly into certain sample data sets. WinLaisy reduces manual data entry errors, thus reducing the amount of work and valuable working time.

Focus on quality management

In an economical view, laboratories in companies are often preceived as unprofitable. This might be true, nevertheless is an efficient laboratory equiped with an excellent laboratory information and management system, a key in company benefit improvement. The benefit of the company depends directly on product quality and customer satisfaction. Quality is probably tested in your laboratory, but where do you find the results? If those are stored in confusing excel sheets or even on paper stacks you should consider to use a LIMS.
WinLaisy facilitates you lab management by providing all necessary lab data in one place. The Webportal allows data access additionally over common web browser.
Ensure that you, as qualitymanager, are always in track with your product quality and that the product complies the customer requirements.

WinLaisy Web-Portal

Easy data access by browser

The WinLaisy WebPortal increases access on your laboratory data. This portal can easily be used with any HTML5 internet-browser.
It provides colleagues access on laboratory data, evaluations and samples reports, without WinLaisy installed on the local computer. This not only save costs for administration, bbut prevents incorrect implementation by foreign laboratory personal also.

Data evaluation

  • Data evaluation with any web browser
  • Download excel sheets
  • Calender controlled evaluation send by email


  • Sample reports
  • Sownload as PDF

interlink laboratory equipment

WinLaisy offers the possibility of external system integration. Your analysis device or other external systems (MES, ERP) can be used as a data basis:

  • Connection/data-transfer to truck-scale
  • Transfer of values from data supplying devices (e.g. FT1, FT120, MS133, FoodScan, Lactoscope)
  • Transfer of values from system controls (PLC)
  • Production data-acquisition and transfer to WinLaisy

Live-tracking of analyses

The independent data-management (SQL) enables external systems to access the analyses.

For example, if you use the Factory Application Server for visualization and production-monitoring, you can read the current results from automatically performed and recorded analyses. These results are integrated into the production-visualization as value display or list.

Traceability-systems can also be coupled with WinLaisy.

"The extensive laboratory system with individual device-connection offers high operating comfort for fast manual data input."

– Sören Rose, CEO inray Industriesoftware GmbH

" WinLaisy is the opportunity for your laboratory from paper sheet chaos to digital data managment!"

– Jan Niemax, Productmanager



"WinLaisy takes your laboratory en route to the industry 4.0"

– Tim Hansen, formerly technical head Käserei Holtsee